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Jeff Coyne

Director of Government Relations

Over the last 20 years Jeff Coyne has worked in Government, Politics and the Private Sector to help make the communities around him better.  Jeff returns to the Winston Terrell Group after serving as Director of Federal Relations and Grants Management for the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).   At IDOE Jeff' was Chief Liaison between the State Agency and federal executive agencies, Members of Congress, and associated staff and federal advocacy groups. He manageda staff of 13 members and directed regulatory responsibility over $300M in federally funded programs to be disbursed to local school district & public charter schools, including Title IA, Title IIA, Title IIA, TIF Program, and 21st Century Community Learning Centers & Charter Schools.

Jeff,  provided leadership as lead manager for the agency as Indiana transitions to Every Student Succeeds Act 2015 (ESSA).   Directed the agency’s successful extension of Indiana’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act Flexibility Waiver andsaved local school districts nearly $30M in discretionary funds through extension granted with all conditions removed.

Prior to joining IDOE, Jeff was Vice President of Government Relations for the Winston Terrell Group.   Jeff provides services across government relations, public outreach, issue advocacy, campaign management, and philanthropy. Directed oversight of all government relations and maintained relationships with government relations clients. Assisted Indiana communities in receiving over $190M+ in federal and state government grants through voter referendums, in public outreach programs, and from related state resources.   Assisted City of Lafayette & Ivy Tech “Intersection Connection” project working with government officials at all levels.  Developed client relationships and worked to service individual interests at local, state, and federal levels of government.   Built and managed large database of contacts in federal, state, and local governments to assist client objectives.  Acted as a federal lobbyist and grant writer for federal, state, and non-profit grants on behalf of client interests.

Jeff started his career working on political campaigns. He started as an intern working for Parris Glendening for his successful run as Governor of Maryland and then made the move to Indiana to work for Lt. Governor Frank O'Bannon for his successful run for Governor.  He followed these campaigns up by working for the Indiana Democratic Party while Governor O'Bannon was in office as Western Field Director for his re-election and as Finance and Human Resources Director during his second term.  Jeff's political experience culminated as Campaign Manager to Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll for Pennsylvania's Governor Ed Rendell. 

1449 North Pennsylvania Street ● Indianapolis, IN 46202 ● 317.917.1953 (office) ● 317.917.2116 (fax)