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David Galvin

Director of Communications and Social Media

Over the last fifteen years, David Galvin has served as campaign manager, communications director, field director, and as a volunteer to help elect local, legislative and statewide Democratic candidates. David led Greg Goodnight’s 2007 campaign for mayor of Kokomo, IN, and in 2012 headed up Glenda Ritz’s campaign for Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction where he oversaw a nationally recognized grassroots campaign driven by social media and highly targeted message deployment.

While serving as the Executive Director of Communications and IT at the Indiana Department of Education, David worked with state government agencies, private and public organizations to develop technologies and guidelines for the collection, secure storage and management of education and workforce longitudinal data.  He worked closely with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to establish budgets, public-private partnerships and infrastructure necessary for the successful deployment of a Microsoft certification program for high school students in Indiana. Galvin also worked with DOE officials, state legislators and Indiana University leadership to craft legislation that established a scholarship for would-be veteran educators, Second Service.

From 2003 to 2006, David worked with tsunami relief organizations and developed an HIV/AIDS testing and treatment program and facility for an international humanitarian organization, Care and Share, in southeastern India.  Between 2007 and 2010, Galvin over saw the development and deployment of a number of innovative renewable energy projects, organized the first Carbon Conference; the Economics of Carbon in the Midwest, and served as a spokesman for a renewable energy and conservation initiative. 

Galvin is an Emmy Award winning writer and producer, and an expert in public relations, social media strategy, and the application of technology in the areas of communications, mass media, and constituent engagement.

David is a US Navy veteran and has traveled to over thirty countries. He is an avid reader of history, politics, science and technology.

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