Formed in 2001, the Winston/Terrell Group is recognized as a leader in building consensus on public input and assisting public and private sector entities in delivery of service. The principles of the Winston/Terrell Group, Robin Winston and Pat Terrell, have extensive experience in local, state and federal government. Throughout their public lives, they have been involved in developing public input on policy initiatives and public programs.

Winston/Terrell's experience in developing effective community relations and public outreach efforts includes the following clients:

  • Indianapolis Clean Stream Team. Winston/Terrell was the lead consultant on expanding minority business development opportunities and building public consensus for the City of Indianapolis' Combined Sewer Overflow project. Winston/Terrell staff attended neighborhood meetings to discuss the project and developed presentation packets for appointed and elected officials. The firm played a key role in working with neighborhood leaders as the $1.2 billion project moved forward.

  • Veolia Water. Veolia Water, NA formerly USFilter, engaged Winston/Terrell to assist in managing operations for the City of Indianapolis' water utility. Winston/Terrell will assist in developing and mentoring minority business enterprises. The firm has already developed criteria for Veolia's philanthropic activities. A key element of Winston/Terrell's work with Veolia will be working with underserved areas of Indianapolis not currently served by the water utility.

    • Veolia Water recently annouced the relocation of its North American headquarters to Indianapolis and cited its MBE/WBE program as one of the key strengths in its partnership with the City of Indianapolis. The full news release can be read here.

  • Columbus Arts Consortium. The firm was selected to coordinate public outreach activities in support of membership development and fundraising support for five (5) local arts organizations. The plans will include building databases, developing support from key stakeholders in the community and identifying potential funding sources for the consortium.

  • Metropolitan Planning Organization. The firm will assist with public outreach activities relative to the development of a transit corridor plan for Marion County Indiana. The plan, funded with federal dollars, will provide a blueprint future growth along the I-69 corridor.

  • Jefferson County Public Schools (Kentucky), Lafayette School Corporation(Indiana), Anderson Community Schools (Indiana), Clark-Pleasant Community Schools (Indiana), Whiteland Community High School (Indiana), Indiana State Senate Democratic Caucus, City of Columbus (Indiana). The firm conducted public interest surveys to gauge the attitudes on current issues. Information provided a blueprint for public policy decisions and political campaigns.

  • Columbus Utilities. The Winston/Terrell Group was selected to coordinate public outreach activities in support of an $80M infrastructure improvement project. The firm developed a website, inserts for direct mail, briefing packets for officials and an overall brand for the successful initiative.

    • The Republic newspaper editorialized the importance of the project and touted the outreach program as a conerstone to the overwhelming public support for the initative. The editorial can be read here.

  • Greater Indianapolis Neighborhood Initative (GINI). Winston/Terrell was selected via a competitive bid process to facilitate an initiative charged wtih developing long-range plans for a major neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana. The plans will reflect the input of residents, businesses, the faith-based community and other key stakeholders. In addition, the firm will help facilitate meetings with appointed and elected officials.

  • Knozone. Winston/Terrell was selected via competitive bid process as a member of the team charged with informing the public of the negative effects and impacts of ground-level ozone contamination. Winston/Terrell has worked with community organizations to inform them of the dangers. In addition, Winston/Terrell secured sponsorship for outreach efforts by the City of Indianapolis to better inform citizens and to encourage activities to reduce air pollution.

  • Indiana State Department of Health. Winston/Terrell was selected by the Indiana State Department of Health to conduct focus groups probing the effectiveness of the state's communications efforts on the West Nile Virus breakout during mid-2002. The firm will ascertain whether the general public was properly informed about the epidemic and how community-based organizations can become better informed in the future. Winston/Terrell also coordinated the state's only comprehensive survey to catalog the ability of the state's 94 local health departments to respond effectively to public communication needs in the event of a bio-terrorism attack.

  • Indiana State Department of Health. Winston/Terrell completed a comprehensive analysis of Indiana 's activities to combat bio-terrorism threats. The study was the precursor in the receipt of $27 million in federal funds to assist Indiana in that effort.

  • Indiana State Department of Health. Winston/Terrell was selected to conduct Media Advocacy trainings for a variety of no-profit organizations in Indiana . The firm developed a media guide, an associated training manual and will ultimately conduct workshops in eight (8) locations across Indiana.

  • Community Development Division of the Indiana Department of Commerce. Both principals of Winston/Terrell Group worked in the Community Development Division of the Indiana Department of Commerce. During their tenure with the division, they participated in numerous community meetings seeking public input and approval on projects including wastewater improvements, parks expansion, streetscape enhancements and historic preservation.

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